[For Your Teasing Pleasure]

Female. Twenty-One. Horny. Filipino. Bay Area. Now that you know me, you should follow me, or you could get to know me, Talk Dirty. Looking for something?

we should talk more..

saying this on Anon, doesnt really help the situation..

like so.
Walking into the kitchen i smell a faint texture that is nostalgic to my lips. i begin to unbutton my shirt. pacing past the homemade cafeteria, i journey into my dark bedroom. As perplexing as this black cavern seems, the result of a light switch flip is much more gratifying. Causing my pelvis to feel unsettled. i toss my shirt to the side ignoring wherever it lands. My eyes are fixed on a portrait that gods herself couldnt fucking touch, it pleases me. her head was wrapped in a black velvet hood that lingered alongside my sheets. A sleeping beauty awaits my alarm.

Nice! there’s another person who does this to me too, and they makes up some good and interesting stuff. <3

Post a naked pic of yourself? ;]

no sorry. <3 i don’t do those. i just post things that turn me on!

you're from the bay area? me too....that makes this all even hotter...scrolled through maybe two pages and was throbbing.

Ha ha bay area, You Know! :D thanks ENJOI!

how about i give u a preview what my dirty talk is like. and if you enjoy it, i can send one to u once a week right off the top of my head just for fun to see how u like them. im sure you'll enjoy them..very much

Ha ha a preview? how will you do that? :D <3